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An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.


So we decided to do the White Elephant before the winter break. How was my winter break? It was awesome!

Merry Christmas~! And Happy New Year’s!! … :)

Gotta go study for tomorrow’s exam. Bye!


I really miss tennis. I’m just glad that I have a chance to play it every morning on Saturday

I got a new racket two weeks ago. After playing with it for 2 days, I broke the string. Yup, I’m just that strong :)

Assessment 1.6

Yup! We did it again. We passed the exam! This time we went to Shabu Grill, all-you-can-eat hotpot, for the celebration. It was nice to see a group of P2’s there also. Guess what I ate! WONTONS. Lots of them LOL. Then, we went to Town Square to see Thor afterward. And… I slept through the whole movie as always…

P.S. I cannot wait for my six-day Thanksgiving break. ME WANT FOOD.

Kappa Psi Luncheon

Hahaha I’m really bad at updating my blog. Anyway… Last week, we, the pledges, held the luncheon for the Kappa Psi brothers under the Hawaiian theme. It turned out pretty well. We had a lot of fun~

Gotta give a shout out to my Big who let me borrow his sexy Hawaiian shirt!

Typical Friday’s Assessment

The best part of having an exam every other Friday is we get to go out and celebrate our victory afterward. This week we went for the buffet at the M Resort. It’s usually just a four of us, but this week I was happy to see many of my classmates come along. We ate. We laughed. We enjoyed our times. The stresses from the past few days were gone. And the hard work was paid off. Five exams down, thirteen more to go for P1 year!

P.S. This morning was a bit chilly so.

After school review session for Friday’s assessment.

Heck yeah. Got 100% on my Top 200 Drugs quiz! After the morning quiz and the seminar, we decided to go grab some smoothies.

What I have been doing in the past two weeks…

Health Fairs in Pahrump, Korean BBQ with classmates, went to UNLV for American Pharmacists Month, and… Oh, look at my new sexy haircut!

Kappa Psi - Professional Pharmaceutical Fraternity

I promised at the beginning of pharmacy school that I want to change myself. Since then, I really did go out of my comfort zone. After attending a couple of their rush events, I decided that this fraternity would be perfect for me. Everyone took the time to get to know me. And I felt really welcomed. And here are the new pledges for Kappa Psi, Chapter Delta Tau, Fall 2013.

During the Pinning Ceremony, we were assigned to our Big Brother/Sister. I’m really glad that Nate (top-left picture) gets to be my Big Brother. Our shirts and ties were matched too on that day! May be we are destined to be together HAHAHAHA. This is going to be a great year~


Top Pharmaceutical Products by US Retail Sales in 2011

Compiled and Produced by the Njardarson Group (The University of Arizona): Edon Vitaku, Elizabeth A. Ilardi, Jon T. Njardarson

See the rest here along with many other Diseased Focused Pharmaceuticals.

Hanging out with my new friends and other P2 students at the park after our first assessment last Friday.

Meet my new friend! His name is Moxi. He doesn’t bark at all. And he doesn’t need a leash. He isn’t as hyper as other dogs at the party. What a fatty.

Orientation Last Day - White Coat Ceremony

Late post from last Friday, August 30th. I’m so happy that my friends and my family were there :) So yeah, remember my face on these photos. It will be different three years from now :<

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